Celebrities taking the underground

What fucking subway is this



Very excited about her new stuff! 

Look at her smile when she hears “family and chidren” :’)

A message from Anonymous
Lily was the one who leaked the songs herself as most of them won't be on the final version of Sheezus.

Ohai anon,

Do you have any reliable sources? I’d love to get more information on this topic. 

In regards to the leaks that have been circulating recently: I would like to encourage every Lily-related blog to stop disseminating content that has been uploaded to the Internet illegally. I hope that Lily-fans do know that one of Lily’s major argument’s against producing new records was damages to the music industry due to illegal file-sharing.

None of those leaks will appear on this blog. Please keep in mind that copyright infringement is no peccadillo and can, under certain circumstances, lead to imprisonment. 


20 days of P!nk: Music Challenge [x]
Day 16 - A song you want to play at your wedding ⟶ True Love

I really don’t see myself getting married anytime soon. You need to fall in love first, so I picked “True Love” because this is how I expect true love to be. 

nocturnvalen replied to your post: I wanna make gifs now, any requests?&n…

Yeah me me me!! =D youtube.com/watch?v… when she starts talkin about Glaston (min 48:55) please

What exactly do you want? 

I wanna make gifs now, any requests?