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As Long As I Got You - Lily Allen


Lily’s new look is literally flawless


/insert complaint about the artists featured here.

/queue obligatory “then do it your damn self you punkass book jockey” response.

Love this so much

"Sheezus is obviously s bit of a lol. I don´t really think I´m Sheezus, but if Ms Amy Winehouse were alive today, I think she she´d pull off Sheezus with ease. Amy, this industry, this world misses you so so much. Your music will live on and continue to touch people for generations to come and I´d like to dedicate this record to your memory."
Lily Allen  in the credits to her cd “Sheezus” (via justforfun007)

There goes the bell, I know that sound
I guess it’s time for me to go another round
Now wish me luck, I’m gonna need it
I’ll see you on the other side, if I’m still breathing